Neuron and Dopamine.

Neuron and dopamine: Story about a robbery. The News: The front page of all the newspapers in the brain said: Amyloid Beta was found guilty! This case can be read in a previous story. To summarize, Beta was convicted of stealing memories from neurons. Neuron in Yellow rested in her office reading the news when […]

The Neuron, the spacetrip and the fear.

If we talk about exploring, we should talk about fear or rather about it’s opposites, such as curiosity or necessity. Why did Neuron in Yellow put on her astronaut suit and set out to explore other planets? When she was little she was afraid of flying. As she grew up and saw how other neurons […]

A coffee with the Neuron

Un café con la Neurona: ¿Quieres conocerla un poco más? Periodista (P): Yo quiero un americano. ¿Qué te sirves Neurona? Neurona (N): Un expresso; porfavor. P: Me alegro que nos juntáramos. No te veía desde que eras un bebé. Recuerdo la primera vez que abriste los ojos N: Sí, han pasado varios años. P: Te […]