The leyend of burnout

The dreaded burnout is a skeleton-shaped ghost that drains energies from the person he pursues, leaving him fatigued, sad, angry and making mistakes in his work repeatedly. Many fail to escape this ghost despite repeated exorcisms. After much searching, this Neurona found hope in old spiritual books of ancient cultures: This phantom feeds on unexpressed […]

Wake up or die!

About sleep obstructive apnea. We’re lacking oxygen! The alarm sounded again. It was 3:33 am. The Neuron woke up and moved fast. She pull the ropes to open the human’s jaw. He took a deep breath and went back to sleep. This happened 30 times per hour, which is once every two minutes. Also the […]

Vampires and Neurons

About restless legs symdrome. The sun peeked through the window and the vampires burned. It’s a hot summer day. The human overcame a new battle and thought: “It’s time for a well-deserved morning nap, now that these creatures are gone I can rest.” The human woke up 2 hours later, refreshed. Today he would not […]