SPI (un microcuento)

“3:33″, mensaje sin piedad en medio de oscuridad y silencio. Boca seca, ansiedad ydespertador carente de sentido, refregarle que un nuevo amanecer se reiría de suimposibilidad de dormir. La salida del sol se acompañaba de la broma más cruel: “la somnolencia” le invitaba a un dulce baile. Su tauromaquia con el dormir comenzaba alatardecer, con […]

REM On Off

The Sabotage. How did the Evil Thrombus and the Ninja of Inflammation arrived  td REM inc and tries to sabotage it with dynamite and explosives? Let me first explain about this nuclear power plant, which turns REM on and off and its importance for the human´s good sleep. Why do we need energy to sleep? […]


The leyend Neuron in Yellow heard stories of humans who were paralyzed at night and saw monstrous beings. She became interested in these facts and to determine more on the subject. She looked for whom was in knowledge on this type of legends and thus met an old neuron who knew many stories. When the […]

NeuroZombie – Sonambulism

About sonambulism. In the darkest corners of the brain,  Neuron in Yellow lives in a house on the outskirts of a town, near a graveyard with cross-shaped graves where neurons that die are going to rest for eternity. Every night the neurons that live in the town, in the middle of the night, witness a […]