Neuro Bots

Neuro Bots relata situaciones comunes que vivimos a causa de la automatización de procesos. Es distinto a lo que estoy acostumbrado a escribir. Aún así espero disfruten Chat bot  Soy María. Dígame su consulta. Josefina se sentó frente a su computador. Y tecleó.. Soy Josefina Estoy buscando rosas rojas.  No reconozco ese comando. […]

The Meeting of the Diseases

Where do the diseases come from? They come from a plan that is carried out in a meeting between four evildoers, who want to harm the health of people and neurons. The wicked are: The Hyperalert: He has big red eyes and is very thin. He does not rest, works at night, doesn´t sleep, is […]

The leyend of burnout

The dreaded burnout is a skeleton-shaped ghost that drains energies from the person he pursues, leaving him fatigued, sad, angry and making mistakes in his work repeatedly. Many fail to escape this ghost despite repeated exorcisms. After much searching, this Neurona found hope in old spiritual books of ancient cultures: This phantom feeds on unexpressed […]