The Neuron, the spacetrip and the fear.

If we talk about exploring, we should talk about fear or rather about it’s opposites, such as curiosity or necessity. Why did Neuron in Yellow put on her astronaut suit and set out to explore other planets? When she was little she was afraid of flying. As she grew up and saw how other neurons […]

The journey through de gut brain axis

The Neuron’s journey through de gut brain axis Neuron in Yellow has a vacation home in the intestine. Some vacations are spent there. She likes it because it is full of available nutrients that come from what the human eats. She loves to go to the market whose merchants are the bacteria of the intestinal […]

The Neurons and Dr. P. Frankenstein: The creation of a human homunculus

The Neurons and Dr. P. Frankenstein: The creation of a homunculus human. About how much area each part of our body represents in our cerebral cortex. The Neurons of the Frontal Cortex neighborhood wanted to participate in the competition organized by Dr. Penfield Frankenstein: It was a wrestling tournament. The constructor team of the human […]

Neurons and the Tower

Neurons and the Tower: Story about how information is transmitted through the spinal cord. There is a legend: They say that if you climb to the highest part of the Tower you will reach the Brain. But, what is the Tower? This is what the neurons call the spinal cord. Three Neurons decided to climb […]