The Symphony of the Human Body

The amphitheater of the Human was ready for the great Concert: Te musical performance that would show the two poles of the state of the human body: On the one hand to prepare for the activity and on the other side the resting state. The place was full: The Heart and the arteries were the […]

The neuron’s boss

Neurons have bosses. One of them is the Hypothalamus. They call him H. H is responsible for regulating the shiftwork of the neurons: Some of them work in the morning, others in the afternoon and tells them to rest at night. H works in coordinatiom with the Eye who lets in the light. Sometimes the […]

Scuderia Neurona

The Parietal Lobe Grand Prix will begin soon. The Neuron in Yellow is leading the ranking of drivers of the Formula V (Voltage) championship. Her closest rival is the Thrombus, who follows her by a few points. The Microglia is the Engineer of the team: She plans the race and assists in the improvements to […]

A Neuron’s haircut

  “Hoy do you like your synapses?” The neuron is already adult. A microglia makes a cut of synapses in the hairdresser. “The same hairstyle as always?” Asked the microglia to the neuron. She replied: “Today I want a little shorter back here, there are some connections there that are causing more confusion and irritability, […]