Ilustración acerca del miedo, con forma de fantasma en un cementerio.

Fear and Me.

How to define fear? An unconditional friend? Text rated only for explorers!


The hardest about describing fear, is the point of view from which we describe it. And this POV are so different that changes the definition. If we meassure it from the outside the meassurments are for example freezing responses in animals, which could be stop exploring.

Inner Experience:

But if an inner POV is stablished the concept differs from the first concept since it’s no longer a physical response. Another important point is that it manifests from the presence or just evocation of an object.

Conquering fear:

Is fear always latent? In the deep of our mind? Ready to appear because of appearence of the object of fear? What if the object vanishes from the universe? Can we learn and extinguish fear? By learning and with new associations of the object with situations different from the fearful ones, maybe it could make our response a different one that just freezing.

Final Thoughts:

What are my thoughts about fear? I think it’s something that stops us, but briefly, for you to have a second thought about an unknown situation. Maybe in that moment you learn that it’s not the fear the main issue, but it’s an illusion that occupied a fraction of your existence. Fear will wait with infinite patience, in the void of that hesitating moment, expecting the object to reappear.


I would like to share with you a poem which in, I don’t know how, the author is able to catch fear in words. It’s in spsnish and was wrote by Alejandra Pizarnik (1932 – 1947). I based the upper illustration in this poem. I will translate the poem (for reader’s understanding) and leave it in spanish also.

“In the echoes of my deaths there is still fear.

Do you know about fear?

I know about fear when I say my name.

It’s the fear,

the fear with it’s black hat

hiding rats in my blood,

or the fear with dead lips

drinking from my wishes.

Yes. In the echoes of my deaths

still there is fear”

Original version below.

“En el eco de mis muertes
aún hay miedo.
¿Sabes tu del miedo?
Sé del miedo cuando digo mi nombre.
Es el miedo,
el miedo con sombrero negro
escondiendo ratas en mi sangre,
o el miedo con labios muertos
bebiendo mis deseos.
Sí. En el eco de mis muertes
aún hay miedo.”

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