Caricatura de Narcolepsia, se observa un hechicero


Caricatura de Narcolepsia, se observa un hechicero

The leyend

Neuron in Yellow heard stories of humans who were paralyzed at night and saw monstrous beings.

She became interested in these facts and to determine more on the subject. She looked for whom was in knowledge on this type of legends and thus met an old neuron who knew many stories.

When the conversation began she knew they were going to talk about narcolepsy. Thus the old neuron began her narration.

Hypothalamus and Orexins

In the depths of the brain are the lands of the Hypothalamus. These lands have invaluable treasures and are protected by the body’s defenses called the immune system.

Magical beings inhabit this territory. If you follow tortuous and dark roads, you can find some fairies called hypocretins {they are also called Orexins}. The function of these fairies is to make the human sleep and they create beautiful dreams so that we have a pleasant and restful sleep. When their spell ends, the human wakes up and is refreshed to live his day.

Everything seems very nice, but now you will hear what happens to these fairies when their boss, the Hypothalamus, is dominated by forces of evil.


You must know the Thrombus, that red being you saw with a skull to hide his face. Legend has it that the Hypothalamus makes deals with him, to take care of his lands, which have great wealth as I had told you, tempted by a protection offered by the Thrombus called autoimmunity.

Seeing the face filled with doubts of the Neuron, she decided to explain this matter a little more deeply. Normally the human has a defense system that is the immune system. It takes care of infections, toxins and much more.

With this autoimmunity pact, the Hypothalamus blinded by ambition causes the Thrombus to increase the functioning of the immune system, but the price is high: A victim must be handed over to this defense system on the 13th of each month, On the contrary, the Hypothalamus must surrender himself.

It turns out that the favorite victims of this system are the fairies of the Orexins (or Hypocretins). Thus, on the 12th of each month one of these is selected as a pledge to be sacrificed the next day. What a terrible mistake!

The human then begins to suffer the consequences of this deal with the evil, because the boundaries between the world of the imaginary and dreams with the vigil are lost, because these fairies are responsible for regulating the dream and the imaginary content of it.

The Symptoms

So at night the human suffers from sleep paralysis, where his body is paralyzed while feeling the presence of monstrous creatures in his room. Or he fell asleep suddenly in the day, due to sleep attacks. Worse, feeling strong emotions such as fear or laughter loses all strength in your muscles falling to the floor. Sometimes his dreams are uneasy, dreaming that he fights against a strong opponent, and this time instead of paralysis he hits blows and kicks while sleeping, falling out of bed or hitting his partner by mistake.


Is there a way to reverse this pact? Neuron in Yellow asked. The response of the old neuron was: With the right potions you can calm the hunger for the victims. But they must be taken rigorously because otherwise the sacrifices continue to occur.

The Neuron withdrew. She was afraid to go to sleep that night.

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