Caricatura de la Neurona Amarilla de Detective. Investiga el caso del robo de dopamina.

Neuron and Dopamine.

Neuron and dopamine: Story about a robbery.

The News:

The front page of all the newspapers in the brain said: Amyloid Beta was found guilty! This case can be read in a previous story. To summarize, Beta was convicted of stealing memories from neurons.

Neuron in Yellow rested in her office reading the news when the phone rang which she answered.
With whom I speak?
A worried voice was heard from the headset: Do I speak with Neuron in Yellow private detective?
Yes. How can I help you?
My name is Alpha synuclein. I don’t know if he read the headlines today, they condemned Beta. Thiw is why I am very worried because they accuse me of stealing dopamine from neurons. I wanted to hire you, to investigate the evidence of my case. I’m scared! The police is looking for me and I’m innocent.
Okay, send me the background and I’ll start investigating.
Thank you! I will send them via synapse.

The Case:

Neuron in Yellow then received the background: The prosecutor Parkinson was accusing Alpha of dopamine theft, with the consequence of causing slowness, rigidity and tremor in the human.

Alpha argued that there were times when dopamine was missing and she was not present. And that she helped the brain function normally. That she only happened to be in the place of the crime scene at the moment. Beta had sustained the same defense.

The Neuron recalled some cases of memory theft where Beta was not, and conversely cases of neurons rich in memories where Beta was very present.

Alfa says they only investigate in the brain and that they should look for background in the rest of the body. At least now more clues are sought in the intestine where there are apparently some responsible for these accusations.

The Kidney:

Where to start The Neuron followed Alfa’s indications and reached the kidney. To his surprise there was a dopamine factory that was stopped.
Why are they not producing asked the factory boss?
Because we spend all the compounds on adrenaline, because they use the same substrate that dopamine. This could be due to the human’s lack of rest. That’s why we couldn’t send dopamine to the brain or to the heart.
And what do they know about Alpha?
She is always worried about our production. Sometimes she looks suspicious but she doesn’t seem to be a bad protein.

The Liver:

Then she went to the liver. To her surprise it was full of fat. She went to talk to the boss of the organ.
Do you know about the lost dopamine? Asked the neuron.
Here we use dopamine a lot, the interviewed replied. Do you see all the fat here? Well, we use dopamine in tandem with the iron to clean the liver of this fat that comes from poor quality foods consumed by humans.
Do you know this protein?, The Neuron showed a photo of Alpha.
Sometimes he calls us to know about our dopamine intake. I don’t understand why a protein from as far away as the brain worries about us here in the abdomen. It looks like an honest interest

The Heart:

Finally the Neuron went to speak with her heart.
Yes, I’ve seen that protein in your photo many times. Before she appeared we had many catecholamines, which are substances that help me function. Suddenly they began to be missing and my function was hindered. I have the impression that there was a problem with the kidney where the main factory is. In the last years a lot of this substances came to us and accumulated in the cellars. At that time Alpha came here a lot. She said she wanted to clean the warehouses of this expired product. At first it worked well, but it seems that it was worse in the end because now it’s like everything is stuck. We currently have a deficit of catecholamines. Alpha seemed to have good intentions. I haven’t seen her in a while.

Back to the Brain:

Thus the Neuron withdrew back to the brain grateful for the cooperation of her interviewees and handed the antecedents to the prosecution.

Prosecutor Parkinson thanked the Neuron’s work and said he would use it for the investigation.

Alpha is currently runaway.

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