Imagen que muestra la ilustración de una neurona al lado de una fábrica de neuronas. Habla acerca de la neurogénesis

The Neuron’s Factory: Neurogenesis Co.

Imagen que muestra la ilustración de una neurona al lado de una fábrica de neuronas. Habla acerca de la neurogénesis

Welcome to the tour:

Have you ever asked yourselves how do you learn? How can we be better in some sport? Why does the practice make us better?”, >Neuron in Yellow spoke to those attending the tour. “Welcome to the tour of the Neuron´s Factory, here you will find the answers to these questions. I am Neuron in Yellow and I will be your guide today.” We will enter the brain through the nose, from there we can follow the olfactory nerve inside the brain. We will follow the path through which neurons travel from the factory to the nose. Follow me”.

The olfactory bulb:

They began to walk, followed a well-defined path, with handrails on both sides. They crossed with baby neurons that went the opposite way. These neurons were small and followed the path to the olfactory bulb in the nose. The neurons that live there are frequently replaced because perceiving odors, which is their job, is very demanding. Imagine how many scents exist in the air and we associate each of them with an emotion!

The Lateral Ventricles:

They followed the path and reached the lateral ventricles, which are big pools inside the brain and ared fillrd with a liquid called cerebrospinal fluid. Newborn neurons were found on the banks of these pools, the smallest cells ever seen! The Neuron spoke: “These neurons constantly reproduce here. The brain is constantly changing because every day we live many and varied experiences and to learn from them we need new neurons to create new connections. They go where they are needed. It takes a month to grow to be ready to travel and approximately 4 more weeks to grow into adults when they arrive at their destination. Let’s continue the tour “.

The Basal Ganglia:

This time they followed another path, which led them to the basal ganglia: Rounded and very large structures. This time the assistants were in the direction of the migrant neurons.” These are the basal ganglia, in these buildings neurons work and are responsible for coordinating the movements of the human body, a very complex work. Imagine coordinating the amount of muscles a human has. They also have the function of regulating emotions, since all emotion involves a movement and if something motivates us to move we need the muscles to achieve the goal. This great job also requires that new ones arrive neurons frequently to support the work. Follow me, we will go to the last stop.”

The Temporal Lobe:

They walked towards the temporal lobe, specifically the most medial part. There was a sea horse-shaped building. The Neuron spoke: “This building is called Hippocampus. The memories of the human, old and new, are stored here. This building has an unlimited space to store new knowledge. As we learn new things every day, these neurons also have a great work to do. In addition to not mixing memories that do not correspond, because the human would think that he or she is in a wrong date or place or confuse some people! Here also young neurons arrive, but these come from another place, different from the ventricles. There we won´t go on this tour.

The Tour Ends:

This is the end of the tour of the Neuron´s Factory . Anyone has any questions? One of the attendees raised his hand asking permission to speak: “What happens if the factory fails? And how do we take care of it?”
The Neuron replied: “It is an interesting question: The human could get in disease, such as memory problems, muscle coordination or even smell difficulties. To take care of it, they should rest, sleep, eat properly, exercise, have healthy social relationships among other things, because all this is transformed into energy and nutrients for newborn neurons so they can grow healthy and travel where they are required and make a good function there. In this way, the Neuron´s Factory will continue to operate. Thank you all for coming. The exit is through those doors that say “Glymphatic Vessels”. Attendees applauded and left happily for what they learned.

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