The Neuron, the spacetrip and the fear.

If we talk about exploring, we should talk about fear or rather about it’s opposites, such as curiosity or necessity.

Why did Neuron in Yellow put on her astronaut suit and set out to explore other planets?

When she was little she was afraid of flying. As she grew up and saw how other neurons transported neurotransmitters in aircrafts from one place in the brain to another, Neuron in Yellow asked the pilots why they got on the airplanes, to which they replied: “Because of necessity: For the brain to function well it needs us to carry these substances from one place to another.”

Thus the Neuron, seeing that there were distant places that depended on flying neurons, she lost her fear of flying and became interested in that profession. When she grew up she entered the aviation school and became a great pilot.

One day an interstellar travel program was opened to explore the brain stem, a place far from the brain’s main airport: The thalamus. There was a need to go to that place to coordinate sleep and pain functions for the human and it was that search for the human’s wellbeing that motivated her.

She was also told that there were delicious exotic foods in rhe brainstem and the Neuron loves to eat. So she began her journey, without fear.

This is how neurons work: If they are hungry or in need, they explore. If they are satisfied, they don’t want to explore, and what is that stop us? The fear.

So if we want to talk about hunger, we should also talk about fear.

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