Los 4 malvados hacen un plan para enermar al humano

The Meeting of the Diseases

Los 4 malvados hacen un plan para enermar al humano

Where do the diseases come from? They come from a plan that is carried out in a meeting between four evildoers, who want to harm the health of people and neurons.

The wicked are:

The Hyperalert: He has big red eyes and is very thin. He does not rest, works at night, doesn´t sleep, is always thinking about his worries and doesn´t let himself enjoy every day.

The Fatty: He is large, with big fat folds that form bumps on his skin. He hates sports and loves to eat sweets, bread, chips and meat.

The Hate: He is black and always angry. He carries the bad feelings in a sack and deposits them on the human’s head by manipulating him, turning him into someone irritable, hateful and without concern for the other.

The Thrombus: He is the boss of these four. It takes advantage of the weakness of the human caused by the other three to give the final blow and cause the damage: The infarction, which means that part of the brain, heart and other organs die.

They gather around a table, on the brain planet, from where they look at planet Earth and see how to attack the human silently, altering their life, making long working hours, easily available toxic foods and stressful situations. In the middle of the table they have a small doll of a yellow neuron, because she is the one who can destroy their plan by educating the population.

What will be the plan this time? What new strategy will they have? What they do not know is that there is also the meeting of the Good, who work to be one step ahead of the Wicked and prevent them from carrying out their plan. It is a difficult battle and who wins the fight against disease and health will depend on all of us and our lifestyle.

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  1. Silvio
    Roberto Silva - 1 year ago

    Interesante porque hay que prevenirlas

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