The journey through de gut brain axis

The Neuron’s journey through de gut brain axis

Eje intestino cerebro en caricatura.
Intestinal microbiota marketplace

Neuron in Yellow has a vacation home in the intestine. Some vacations are spent there. She likes it because it is full of available nutrients that come from what the human eats. She loves to go to the market whose merchants are the bacteria of the intestinal flora, who obtain the merchandise from what the digestion. There are some bacteria that sell very nutritious products, as well as anti-inflammatories and medicines, while others do the opposite: They even sell poisons and illicit substances.

It is a long way to the brain. The path is called “Vagus Nerve.” The holidays were already ending and the Neuron had to return to her head’s job, because they needed her for her duties.

This time she decided to make the trip walking, so she left with time. She filled her backpack with energy sources, such as mitochondria and ATP, and began her journey.

The Neuron departed at customs, whose guards are white blood cells and are helped by protein G receptors, who take care of the entrance of the road and check that nothing toxic is in the luggage, as there are some travelers who traffic toxic substances.

How is the brain bowel axis transited?

The path of the Vagus Nerve is tortuous, passing through several organs, including the heart. It ends in the brain stem, that is, a little before reaching the brain but already in the head.

The Neuron has several friends in the Vagal nucleus, where the road ends, and others in nearby places that asked her for Neurotensin, which is a very tasty fruit that is obtained in the intestine where she was vacationing. So after the long road he arrived with these fruits. The most grateful were the neurons that work with dopamine because it gives them strength for their work.

And so many travelers travel these roads, transporting numerous goods. Hopefully no traveler travels those roads with a toxic bought in the intestinal flora market!

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