Ilustración acerca del síndrome de burnout: Una caricatura de una neurona que trabaja durante la noche en su computador es penada por un fantasma.

The leyend of burnout

The dreaded burnout is a skeleton-shaped ghost that drains energies from the person he pursues, leaving him fatigued, sad, angry and making mistakes in his work repeatedly.

Many fail to escape this ghost despite repeated exorcisms.

After much searching, this Neurona found hope in old spiritual books of ancient cultures: This phantom feeds on unexpressed emotions and does not let see the emotions of others.

Then the Neuron started her training: Her goal was to be more emotionally intelligent. Thanks to this he would recognize when he is hungry, when he wants to go to the bathroom, when to ask for help, to make present his moments of joy and sadness and he would know how to reconcile the emotions of the person in front of him.

With these practices the witchcraft of the ghost of burnout lost its strength and left. The best exorcism !

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