Neurona amarilla participando en un triatlĆ³n. Acaba de terminar la nataciĆ³n y comoenza el trote.

Deporte y Neurona

Neurona amarilla participando en un triatlĆ³n. Acaba de terminar la nataciĆ³n y comoenza el trote.

The Neuron im Yellow completed the 2 kms of swimming. She left the water leading. The Thrombus followed closely. It was the iron man 70.3 of the brain. The race began with swimming in the lateral ventricles. The transition would continue by hopping on to the bicycle to ride through the main arteries of the brain.

To beat the Thrombus the Neuron had trained all year. Each day she ate in a balanced way, because she made a lot of exercise and required energy. She ate fritters or sweets occasionally. As she trained enough, she also required proportional rest because her skeleton and mind had to regenerate after her practices. The Thrombus for its part, did not rest. Instead he trained irregularly with periods without exercise followed by intense training sessions. Nor did he ate well: He loved pizza before running. Then he complained of reflux and being full of gas. His skeleton hurt frequently.

The Neuron in Yellow found it easy to ride her bicycle but the Thrombus was already tired. He should have slept a couple of hours more the night before and he needed to hydrate. He had a cola drink in his caramagnola.

At the end of the cycling stage, the Neuron was already a good distance away from the Thrombus, who was in poor condition. His only hope of winning was that the Neuron would stumble on the cholesterol stuck in the arteries.

And that was not expected by Neuron in Yellow: By the end of the cycling stage, the Thrombus was quite close. It had cost her to avoid cholesterol and at times the wheels were sticking. The Thrombus, on the other hand, gained speed with the cholesterol that pushed him to give him speed.

The last stage is missing: The running. The arteries were full of cholesterol. But from where did it appear? It turns out that the human had been training for many years to the rhythm of the Thrombus, which had damaged these roads. It would be hard to win for the Neuron.

The Neuron for a moment thought she would not win, but surprise! In the last kilometer when she thought it was all lost the cholesterol had disappeared. This was because the human had trained to the rhythm of the Neuron during the recent months. In that final meters the victory was decided: The Neuron had triumphed and the brain was safe and sound.

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