Caricatura de neurona vieja con miedo a caerse al cruzar una call

The years and the fear.

Elderly and fear of falling

The neuron is old. Until 2 months ago she was very active: She used to go out walking through the brain, going up and down the folds. She also frequently went to the hippocampus gym to practice boxing. The rest of the neurons were impressed with her physical condition at her age. The old neuron answered to them when they praised her agility: “This is what there is to achieve at this age and already you see that it is possible”.

One day while she got up at night to the bathroom, a little dizzy because she had taken a sedative to help her fall sleep, in the middle of the darkness she tripped on going down a step fracturing her leg. An ambulance took her to the hospital. To fix her broken skeleton, the surgeoens had to operate her and install a prosthesis.

She was hospitalized for a few days and after a period of rest she began to stand and walk. At first she was depressed and anxious. By 2 months she was walking, the low mood was managed and the pain was slight. However, he panicked down stairs, like the sidewalk.

It’s importanrt to understand that this neuron is afraid and empathize with her: It is not uncommon for older adults to go through these emotions because of what has happened. It is important to give relevance and deal with the fear of fallling, so that this neuron can move freely and resume the sport.

Fear paralyzes more than pain!


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