The Symphony of the Human Body

The amphitheater of the Human was ready for the great Concert: Te musical performance that would show the two poles of the state of the human body: On the one hand to prepare for the activity and on the other side the resting state. The place was full: The Heart and the arteries were the audience. The musicians were on stage. Everything was ready for the big premiere after much preparation. The place was silent when the theater darkened and the lights pointed to the stage.

The conductor of the orchestra, the maser Hipothalamus, gave the beginning to the concert. He winked at the Neuron with a bit of adrenaline, and played a cheerful note on his violin. The director gave the turn to the eye with who dilated his pupil when he percussed the triangle.

The spectators, who were the heart and the arteries, were moved by the notes: The heart beated harder and the blood vessels increased their pressure.

Muscle was added to the melody, who contracted and with his violoncello played long and serious notes. The heart increased its heart rate until the director stopped the adrenaline and released the acetylcholine: The stomach started a saxophone solo: It was a moment of peace: The arteries and the heart were relaxed now. The stomach felt like digesting some food. The muscle rested relaxed.

He was accompanied by the Neuron with a soft and delicious melody. And the eye closed the act with a discreet percussion while it’s pupil was shrinking.

The director looked at the audience that applauded him; the act reflected the two poles of the neurovegetative system of the human body: First the sympathetic through adrenaline (activity) and then the parasympathetic with acetylcholine. (recover your energies and rest).

It’s the balanced alternation between these opposites that keeps us healthy.

Story about the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

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