The Neurons and Dr. P. Frankenstein: The creation of a human homunculus

The Neurons and Dr. P. Frankenstein: The creation of a homunculus human. About how much area each part of our body represents in our cerebral cortex.

The Neurons of the Frontal Cortex neighborhood wanted to participate in the competition organized by Dr. Penfield Frankenstein: It was a wrestling tournament. The constructor team of the human homunculus winner, would have the honor the to become First Motor Neurons.

They put al their effort to the work: They began by building the head, where they designed a big mouth and tongue so that he could speak and to eat (The tournament would require much effort and would need to eat enough to replenish energies!). Then they made a thin body to give it lightness and speed. They had to choose whether to put more legs or arms because they were running out of materials, and made a decision and chose giant hands with a disproportionate thumb to hit powerful punches and could defend himself at the same time.

When they finished, they dressed him in wide clothes. He liked rap music and his big mouth made him a music star and he gesticulated with his huge hands with great skill and agility.

The day of the tournament arrived: He was dressed up as a boxer with the biggest gloves ever seen.

And it started .. ROUND 1! .. A bell rang and the cameras illuminated the place with flashes. The Neurons shouted in support.

Las Neuronas y Dr. P. Frankenstein: La creaci├│n de un humano hum├║nculo.

Acerca del hom├║nculo:

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