Neurons and the Tower

Neurons and the Tower: Story about how information is transmitted through the spinal cord.

There is a legend: They say that if you climb to the highest part of the Tower you will reach the Brain. But, what is the Tower? This is what the neurons call the spinal cord.

Three Neurons decided to climb up the Tower and see if it was true that they would meet Brain. They set out on their course by three stairs. I’ll asign a number for each neuron:

1: Climbed up a ladder that read “Cortico Espinal”. She did not went very far, because the stairs only allowed her to go down. She discovered that the ladder was going from Brain to the muscles and allowed him to move the human. She had to gave up on her task. She remained resting on the anterior horn of the cord.

2: Climbed the “Posterior Cords”: This path did allowed climbing. The way was clear and the stairs wide and easy to clomb. She was about to reach the Brain untill she arrived to the Cuneatus and Gracilis nuclei in the medulla oblongata. There she had to cross to the other side from where she could reach the Thalamus and from there to the Cortex. She was in the Brain. He discovered that vibratory sensitivity, the sense of position and the fine touch travelled thourgh this ladder.

3: The last neuron went up through the “Spino Cortical” tract. He went up a bit and immediately had to change direction going to the other side of the spine. From there she went up to the Thalamus where she had a coffee. After that she resumed her way and arrived to the Cortex. She was also at the Brain. She saw a snowman, a fire and an needle on her way: The Cortex was recieving cold, heat and pain information thourgh that ladder.

The neurons were happy because they saw that the legend was real. In Brain they found many more neurons!

Neurons and the Tower

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