Input Output Brain

Input Output Brain is a short story about how the Nervous System works in the most simple way.

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Input Output: Abstract brain
Input Output: Abstract brain

Explainig the illustration:

“Input Output” is the name of this abstract brain, drawn in the most simple way to explain how we recieve information and how we express ourselves.

What is it made of?

It is made of geometrical figures, such as: Squares, rectangles, lines and arrows. Each of them show a part of the nervous system.

What does this figures mean?

Input Output has a head at it’s top with two yellow eyes which is thw brain.. It stands on a long rectangular body to show the spinal cord which runs though the spine from the neck down our bodies.

Explaining the information flows:

What do those arrows serve for?

The abstract brain expresses itself and takes in information. These arrows represent the nerves, which are like cables tha carry information and messages. The arrow that goes out let the brain express itself by talking or moving by activating the muscles. The arrow that goes inside it accounts for perception: These nerves carry information from the outside world, such as: Touch, noise, sight, taste and olfaction.

How the information is processed:

And those yellow eyes?

One eye reciebes the information and the other one is in charge of Input Output’s expression. The eyes hold ands with one another to coordinate what goes in and out. Theses yellow figures represente the neurons. One of them recieves and processes the information and communicates with it’s peers to coordinate a response to this perception. This is done through the nerves.

Why was this illustrated for?

To show the escense of the nervous system, which in sum is to connect and communicate with the outside world.

Input Output abstract brain.

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