Dibujo de Accidente cerebrovascular. Caricatura. .

The neuron’s accident

Neuron dies because of a thrombus. Cartoon.

A neuron has been ran over!

A neuron has died. The accident ocurred in the brain, specifically in the frontal cortex sector. A thrombus in his vehicle missed a “STOP” sign as a neuron walked the pedestrian crossing. The result was fatal. The cells of the nervous system mourn the loss.

The thrombus was taken to the breathalyzer and meanwhile the police asked him: Where was he going in such a hurry, where did he came from and how did he not saw the signal.His answers were: “I came from the neck, specifically from an atheromatous plaque of the carotid artery, there I lost control of the vehicle and my brakes broke down. I reached the crossing at great speed and I could not stop. I did not wanted to kill that neuron. ” This he said through tears.

An investigation was made of the car whose report concluded that it did not had the revisions up to date: The engine’s glycemia was of an octane that was not adequate, the last change of cholesterol was years ago and the tire blood pressure was through the roof .

The thrombus was found guilty: He did not took the car to the corresponding revisions. The neighboring neurons are in mourning. This stroke could have been prevented.

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