Scuderia Neurona

The neuron's sponsors

The Parietal Lobe Grand Prix will begin soon. The Neuron in Yellow is leading the ranking of drivers of the Formula V (Voltage) championship. Her closest rival is the Thrombus, who follows her by a few points. The Microglia is the Engineer of the team: She plans the race and assists in the improvements to it’s vehicle removing pieces that no longer serve and connects cables. The Astrocyte energizes the vehicle, watches for that the brake fluid, oil and others are ready. To obtain improvements and resources the team got sponsors: “Mitochondria Ltd.” for better energy use, “Vitamins & Minerals Co.” contributed with improving the efficiency in mechanical processes. The air filters and halo were developed by “Blood Brain Barrier Inc.” “Silvio” made the design.

The race will start but something is missing: The voting of the human public will give more power to the pilot of their preference. The presenter gives his speech: “The vote is close between Neurona and Thrombus … the result of the race may depend on the decision of the public, since the competition between these two pilots is defined nanometer to nanometer”.

The green light went on and the engines … well … they did not roared so much because they are electric …

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