A Neuron's flight plan

What does the Neuron do for living?

She is an aircraft pilot.

She do short flights, for example between the frontal cortex to the thalamus (well many routes lead to the thalamus as it is the main airport), and longer ones: Once she traveled from the motor cortex to the anterior horn of the spinal cord.

Every flight requires that the Neuron is well prepared.

This time they commissioned her to carry a shipment of dopamine from the substantia nigra to the subthalamic nucleus: The human had to run a marathon. That meant there would be several trips between the basal ganglia nucleus.

The Neuron to perform well has a flight plan: She talked with the hypothalamus and the first morning trips were organized with the early risers neurons and the Neuron in Yellow was given the afternoon trips (how hard it is for her to get up early!).

She calculated the necessary energy with her mitochondrias (he trains frequently at the Neurogym so that they work to the maximum) and went to load glucose to the blood-brain barrier.

Finally she calculated breaks with the voltage channels based on the action potentials that would be used.

The human started running the marathon: The turn of the Neuron’s flight would start at kilometer 32. A challenge: they say that the runner meets a wall there (a challenge to fly at that moment!).


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