Abstract art featuring a neuron and brain functions

Well, I wanted to draw something abstract like and I guess I found an excuse in the 300 followers celebration on Instagram.

maybe they are not so many and that in a few hours they may be less, as it is usual with that bothering insta robots that follow and unfollow (I hate that!).

Thanks to everyone and I hope to continue transmitting knowledge, joy or something positive to you.

And what does this image has to say: I wanted to express qualities of our nervous system: Senses, math, emotions, language and so much more.

The interesting about this is that for painting you need locomotion, to enjoy music to percieve the waves and so on. I realized then that the divisions and boundaries that I wanted to stablish in between this qualities were an illusion. And in the center of everything there is a super interneuron which allows what was said before.

How important is what lay in between, the neural networks, system interconnection and the white matter.

Just thinking…


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