Vampires and Neurons

About restless legs symdrome.

Vampire cartoon about restless legs syndrome.

The sun peeked through the window and the vampires burned. It’s a hot summer day.

The human overcame a new battle and thought: “It’s time for a well-deserved morning nap, now that these creatures are gone I can rest.”

The human woke up 2 hours later, refreshed. Today he would not feel that sleepness that he felt every day.

But after a tiring day, the evening was approaching. The feet loving vampires would appear again.

Anxiety caught the human. He knew that if he stayed still he would be easy prey.

He did what he could: He cleaned the house, he did exercises inside the house and he even went out to ride a bicycle, but even though he rode away, he felt that they put fangs on his feet every time he stopped.

Finally he fell asleep … he gritted his teeth all night and kicked while asleep.

When he woke up he did not remember his night fight, he only felt pain.

And he enjoyed the morning: His restless legs were calm.

Untill dusk…

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