]Story about medical illustration and neuron microscopy stains[

The Neuron and Lucifer… and Cajal


Where did Neuron in Yellow got her color from?

Cajal was a mediical illistrator.

He drew neurons.

The neurons were hard to find and to see. He understood that a trained eye only could understand the microscpy image.

So how could anyone in the world see the marvelous world he was discovering?

Drawing was the answer. The problem was: Many people didn’t believed that the drawings were faithful to the original picture.

Anyhow, the drawings were beautiiful and he knew they showed the true nature of this cells.

In his quest to stain the living neurons he discovered by accident the “Lucifer Yellow”.

He followed a white neuron with a blue cell membrane to the deepest cave. There he saw an epic fight: The neuron in white was battling with Lucifer.

The neuron was defeated and fell to a boiling Yellow… Yet the neuron scaped and survived.

She was now in yellow.

Cajal then drew her….


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