Neurocaricaturas Silvio

The Amyloid beta theft

El crimen del beta amiloide. Cuento acerca de la enfermedad de Alzheimer.

Someone stole the memories of the Neuron!

The detectives are looking for a suspect!

Witnesses reported seeing the beta amyloid armed with a sword nearby, surrounded by memories scattered in the interstitial space around him.

There is rarely as much evidence for a crime.

There was a pending issue: The suspect claimed to be innocent!


He stated that he had seen others involved before him: Hypertension, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, social isolation, physical and mental inactivity, low educational level, obesidad, depression, diet and smoking. He also said that the crime was planned by all these individuals years ago silently.

The detectives managed to prove that these new subjects were involved!

However, there were still loose ends.

Amyloid beta was released on surveillance.

He also said in his statement, when asked what he was doing armed with a saber in the crime scene: “When a neuron suffers, there I am.”

He is still under investigation…


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