Caricatura del infarto cerebral. Neurona sufre por ateromatosis.

The time and the neuron

A neuron suffers from insufficient blood flow because of a thrombus
Neurona y el tiempo

The human is old. The neuron in yellow has accompanied him throughout his life, probably since he was an embryo. The blood vessels and the blood-brain barrier are also old. It is dificult for the neuron to nourish itself and is thirsty, having to look for water in the depth of the well.

The neuron mourns the loss of it’s neighbour, who is just a skull now, when before was responsible for processing visual stimuli. The human sees only the right visual field for a while ago.

The drought has arrived. The human should take care of that stream that nourishes the well, because every day with high blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol, every day of sedentary lifestyle, social isolation, sleep restriction, every cigarette and much more, contribute to the drought.

Fortunately this is a nightmare of the neuron. The human is young and can prevent this future.


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