Open your eyes

About neuronal stem cells and adult neurogenesis

The human is already an adult.

The Yellow Neuron needed help with a neuronal connection to the frontal lobe that she wanted to extend. She had already gone with his hairdressing microglia but it was not enough.

He decided to go to know the neuronal precursors that rest in the subventricular zone, in the lateral wall of the lateral ventricles.

They are sleeping like babies they are. At this stage of human life they will be awakened to travel where their assistance is necessary. The majority will be part of the glia and will support the neurons in their functions. A few will be transformed into neurons and will be called from the hippocampus (memory processes) and the striatum (movement, motivation, among others). In other species, a large part of these precursors are directed to the olfactory bulb.

How much to know of these babies who mysteriously expect to hear: “Open your eyes.”

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