Blue light

Elige tu color

Choose your color

The human works untill late into the night. After work he tried to sleep but he could not … in the morning the sun came out and he felt active … “So much light, I cannot sleep!” Thought the human.

The Neuron wanted to help the human: He was in a bad mood and reacted slowly to everything, among other things. The photo receptors of the retina communicated with the hypothalamus and the pineal gland and warned the Neuron that this exposure to blue light (emitted by LED devices, cell phones, tablet, ambient light or others) during the night was affecting their metabolism : The peak of melatonin had been delayed and it’s level had diminished, basal cortisol (hormone that has to do with stress) and body temperature increased. If this was perpetuated, it could become a carcinogenic factor. Time to adjust the circadian rhythm! He started his therapy blocking the blue light with orange glasses …something to start with. The hipothalamus and the retina were grateful.

“Night or day? Choose your color,” thought the Neuron.


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