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Un ojo entre dos centrales nucleares. Ilustra el sueño REM.

REM On Off

The Sabotage. How did the Evil Thrombus and the Ninja of Inflammation arrived  td REM inc and tries to sabotage it with dynamite and explosives? Let me first explain about this nuclear power plant, which turns REM on and off and its importance for the human´s good sleep. Why do we need energy to sleep? […]

Ilustración acerca del miedo, con forma de fantasma en un cementerio.

Fear and Me.

How to define fear? An unconditional friend? Text rated only for explorers! Concept: The hardest about describing fear, is the point of view from which we describe it. And this POV are so different that changes the definition. If we meassure it from the outside the meassurments are for example freezing responses in animals, which […]

Caricatura de Narcolepsia, se observa un hechicero


The leyend Neuron in Yellow heard stories of humans who were paralyzed at night and saw monstrous beings. She became interested in these facts and to determine more on the subject. She looked for whom was in knowledge on this type of legends and thus met an old neuron who knew many stories. When the […]

Caricatura de la Neurona Amarilla de Detective. Investiga el caso del robo de dopamina.

Neuron and Dopamine.

Neuron and dopamine: Story about a robbery. The News: The front page of all the newspapers in the brain said: Amyloid Beta was found guilty! This case can be read in a previous story. To summarize, Beta was convicted of stealing memories from neurons. Neuron in Yellow rested in her office reading the news when […]


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About me

Hi, I’m Silvio. I invite you to this world where you will find yellow neurons that defend the human from an evil thrombus who seeks to make the human sick. At Neurocaricaturas I want to share with you my passion for combining education, illustrating and telling stories. Silvio is the pseudonym used by Dr. Andrés Silva R, a neurologist specialized in sleep disorders from the P. Universidad Católica de Chile.

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