Imagine a Neuron.


This proyect is about innovating in health education to everyone by illustrated storytelling.

Here you will find original art and stories made by myself.

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Triatlón y Neurona

The Neuron im Yellow completed the 2 kms of swimming. She left the water leading. The Thrombus followed closely. It was the iron man 70.3 of the brain. The race began with swimming in the lateral ventricles. The transition would continue by hopping on to the bicycle to ride through the main arteries of the…

The years and the fear.

Elderly and fear of falling The neuron is old. Until 2 months ago she was very active: She used to go out walking through the brain, going up and down the folds. She also frequently went to the hippocampus gym to practice boxing. The rest of the neurons were impressed with her physical condition at…

The Symphony of the Human Body

The amphitheater of the Human was ready for the great Concert: Te musical performance that would show the two poles of the state of the human body: On the one hand to prepare for the activity and on the other side the resting state. The place was full: The Heart and the arteries were the…

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