Neurocaricaturas Silvio

Imagine a Neuron.


This proyect is about innovating in health education to everyone by illustrated storytelling.

Here you will find original art and stories made by myself.

Lastest posts:

NeuroZombie – Sonambulism

About sonambulism. In the darkest corners of the brain,  Neuron in Yellow lives in a house on the outskirts of a town, near a graveyard with cross-shaped graves where neurons that die are going to rest for eternity. Every night the neurons that live in the town, in the middle of the night, witness a…

The leyend of burnout

The dreaded burnout is a skeleton-shaped ghost that drains energies from the person he pursues, leaving him fatigued, sad, angry and making mistakes in his work repeatedly. Many fail to escape this ghost despite repeated exorcisms. After much searching, this Neurona found hope in old spiritual books of ancient cultures: This phantom feeds on unexpressed…

Triatlón y Neurona

The Neuron im Yellow completed the 2 kms of swimming. She left the water leading. The Thrombus followed closely. It was the iron man 70.3 of the brain. The race began with swimming in the lateral ventricles. The transition would continue by hopping on to the bicycle to ride through the main arteries of the…

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